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Install Solar Panels And You May Save On Average £1,000 pa have undertaken some research that reveals a consumer can save an average of over £1,000 per annum on their household bills by installing solar panels.

Energy experts say that people in Scotland are ahead of the game as solar energy becomes even more appealing due to rising energy bills.

Consumers who have already had solar panels installed are saving £82.50 per month on average.

The research reveals that six out of ten consumers made the decision to have solar panels installed to be more eco friendly. Eight out of ten made the move to save money. Four out of ten people felt that solar panels provided a good return on investment.

Simon Nicholas White from Edinburgh commented that he had made massive savings following having solar panels installed on his home two years ago. Their hot water was turned off in March and, even with the inclement weather, the solar panels are still providing enough hot water for showers, washing up and baths.

Kevin Sears, uSwitch’s energy efficiency expert, said: “With soaring energy prices and the rising cost of living, households are looking for new ways to cut costs. Solar energy provides a real opportunity to save around £80 a month on energy – something that consumers can’t afford to ignore. With over half of households under the impression that solar power is too expensive, consumers should be aware of all the options available, including 
Engensa’s new SolarLoan.”

Niall Stuart who is the chief executive officer for Scottish Renewables, pointed out that between the periods 2009 and April 2012 over £206 million of investment had taken place within the solar panel industry in Scotland resulting in many new jobs being created. Apparently renewable energy currently meets about 35% of the electricity needs in Scotland.

Jerry Hamilton who is the renewable energy director for Rexel who install energy saving devices was excited by the fact that Scotland was in the lead as far as the installation of solar panelling was concerned.

She said:“ Despite the lower light conditions experienced in the country, if high- quality products are fitted, solar panels can still provide a good return on investment, as well as protect from the expected energy increases.”

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