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Huge Solar Power Plant For Iran

When you consider that solar panels are claimed to work at their best in sunshine it will not come as a surprise to read that one of the biggest solar panel farms in the world is going to be built in Iran which has an abundance of sunshine during the year.

Apparently, an investment company by the name of Quercus here in the UK has come to an agreement with the Energy Ministry in Iran to assist in the construction of a solar power plant that is capable of producing 600 megawatts of electricity. This would make it the sixth largest solar power plant in the world.

It is expected to cost in the region of 500 million euros that we are sure you will agree is a considerable amount of money. This is potentially great news for the UK economy and relations between the UK and Iran.

Such projects of this magnitude are few and far between so it is great news to hear of the UK’s success in this respect. It must have taken a considerable amount of time and effort in negotiating such a sizeable project and it will be interesting to observe its progression once, as expected, the building of the solar power plant gets under way sometime next year.

It is these sorts of projects that will be a major contributor towards helping the world achieve its renewable energy and carbon emission targets in the years to come. Let us hope that there are many more to come.

Solar power is certainly becoming a major source of energy both in the UK, Europe and beyond. It will be interesting to see if this type of energy ends up being the major source of helping generate electricity in the future. Here at Solar Panels UK we will continue to keep our readers updated with interesting news articles about the solar power industry.

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