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Huge Solar Panel Farm Planned In Warwickshire

We continue to see numerous planning applications come before councils for the installation of some large solar panel farms as councils look to do everything that they can to achieve their carbon emission reduction targets.

Solar Panels
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If approval is granted, the installation of as many as 50,000 solar panels could take place on a solar panel farm at Deppers Bridge that is south East of Royal Leamington Spa in Warwickshire. The solar panel farm would cover an area of around 64 acres.

Last November, Solar Power South Ltd submitted proposals to Stratford District Council seeking a scoping opinion on a formal basis in relation to a planning application that was proposed to build the solar panel farm at Deppers Bridge on land that is located just south of the B4451.

It was proposed that the solar panels plus related works be installed and remain in situ for up to 25 years after which the installation would be removed and the land returned to what it currently looks like. The solar panels would be placed in such a way that sheep would still be able to graze between them.

The views of locals have been sought about the proposed development and a Deppers Bridge group are expected to raise objections and start a campaign about the proposals. Concern has been raised about the impact on footpaths and the impact the large solar panel farm would have on the countryside.

It is the view of Solar Power South Ltd that the solar panel farm would make a viable development as it would not require any costly upgrades. They also felt that the solar farm could go a long way in helping the Government meet their renewable energy targets and would make a good contribution to reduce CO2 emissions.

We shall continue to monitor developments in respect of these proposals.

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