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Huge Solar Farm Completed In China

A number of locations in China suffer with smog with many residents going about wearing masks so it is pleasing to hear that an extremely large solar farm has been constructed in the country. Of course, China is also well known for being a major producer of solar panels that are sold in numerous locations around the world.

A very large solar panel farm has been completed in China.

The solar farm is called Longyangxia Dam Solar Park and is situated in Qinghai on the Tibetan Plateau that is a province in China. The power that it can produce is huge – 850MW. The plant was built in two phases with the first one being in 2013. It is in a desolate area of the country.

The solar panels cover an area of around 23 square kilometers that we are sure you will agree is a huge area. Apparently, there are almost 4 million solar panels on site that are capable of producing energy to as many as 200,000 homes.

It will be interesting to see if, over the next few years, China’s increased use of solar panels to produce energy results in a reduction in the level of smog being seen in the country. No doubt, residents in affected parts of China would welcome seeing this happen and, hopefully, there will be health benefits in this respect.

Of course, we have previously made reference in other posts to a number of other large solar panel projects in various parts of the world. Presumably, if countries around the world are to meet their renewable energy and carbon emission targets, it is developments like the one mentioned above that are also going to be a big help. However, we must not forget that all solar photovoltaic panel installations such as on the roofs of commercial premises as well as on residential properties will assist in the targets hopefully being met. We will keep you informed about other interesting solar power schemes.

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