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Greggs the Bakers Install Solar Panels

Greggs the Bakers are the biggest chain of bakers in the UK and it is quite possible that you have sampled one of their sandwiches, cream scones or bought a loaf of bread at some point. They obviously use a considerable amount of electricity in their retail outlets so any way that they can contain their energy costs has got to be a positive factor.

Greggs the Bakers has been installing solar panels at some sites

You will be interested to hear that Greggs has had installed solar panels at ten of their locations in various parts of the country. They have been situated on the roofs of bakeries.
With a total capacity of 1.28MW, the solar panels will presumably help reduce the company’s electricity bill and they will be making use of the Government’s feed in tariff scheme.

Another major benefit is that it is estimated that Greggs’ carbon emissions are, by 2015, expected to be reduced by a commendable 25%. This will make a contribution towards the UK achieving its carbon emission reduction targets by 2020.

You can imagine the energy required to bake all those buns and pasties in their ovens that have been using conventional fossil fuels. Well, at least in these ten locations, that will now change.

It just goes to show what some of our larger retail outlets can do and will hopefully encourage more to follow in their path to help the country achieve their renewable energy targets.

There is still some considerable way to go before the UK hits its carbon emission and renewable energy targets. It is not only schemes like the above that will help those targets be attained and hopefully achieved. We need to see an increasing number of homeowners installing solar photovoltaic panels on the roofs of their properties. After all, collectively, these individual domestic installations will make a considerable difference to the time it will take to get to where we need to be in meeting those targets.

Well done to Greggs the Bakers.

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