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Greg Barker Lobbies The European Commission

Having only yesterday commented about Philipp Rösler, who is the Vice Chancellor of Germany and the Federal Minister of Economics and Technology in Germany, in so much as he has expressed his concern if the European Commission decide to impose import tariffs on the Chinese import of solar panels, we now hear that Greg Barker is in Brussels today making representations to the European Commission.

Greg Barker is believed to be in Brussels lobbying the European Commission
(image credit: brewatford)

Greg Barker is of course the Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change here in the United Kingdom. His intention is believed to be to lobby environmental ministers from the European Commission in the hope that they would vote against import tariffs averaging 47% being imposed on solar panel manufacturers in China.

So, now we have two of the biggest members of the European Union speaking out against these import duties potentially being imposed with an announcement due from the European Commission around the 6th June 2013. Apparently, the government in the UK is encouraging other countries within the EU to vote against such a proposal. Greg Barker is believed to have written to every other environment minister in the EU prior to today’s visit encouraging them to support solar growth as the UK is doing.

Apparently, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) is concerned about the proposed import duties and have informed the European Commission of their views. DECC is concerned at the potential effect this could have on solar panel prices and the impact on carbon emission targets. Solar panel installations may prove to be less attractive to UK businesses and homeowners.

Greg Barker has been accompanied to Brussels by the likes of Paul Barwell who is the CEO of the Solar Trade Association (STA) and Reza Shaybani who is the Chairman of the British Photovoltaic Association.

This is yet another interesting development as we rapidly approach the announcement expected by the European Commission around the 6th June 2013.

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