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Flat Pack Home Has Solar Panels

The QB2 is an ingenious invention developed by Dr Mike Page. It is a cube shaped house that is on three stories and also includes solar panels.

Could this be the solution to the lack of suitable housing for young couples here in the UK? With prices starting from as little as just under £10,500 rising to around £45,000 depending upon the specification chosen it may well be. It is expected to be available to buy in 2014.

It comes as a flat pack and the carcass can be built in as little as 4 hours. It is 3 metres wide, 3 metres high and 4 meters deep meaning that it does not require any form of planning permission.

The QB2 incorporates a bathroom, lounge, kitchen and staircase and provides sleeping accommodation for two people. There are various packages and prices.

Depending upon the package chosen, there is a double bed plus the kitchen has a combination microwave oven, fridge freezer and a hob. The bathroom, that is 4m in length, has a composting toilet, sink, and a full size shower. There is a two-seater sofa and dining table although the dining table can be moved out of the way to increase the available lounging space for up to 4 people enabling guests to be entertained.

It can have heating and hot water and low energy lighting plus washing machine and TV with the solar panels installed on the roof providing energy for the LED lights. Interestingly, the majority of the furniture is sourced from IKEA that is renowned for its quality flat-pack furniture.

It is possible to have wall, ceiling and floor insulation and the walls lined in birch, triple glazed windows, fully painted and cork tiling for the floors.

The QB2 was shown on Channel 4 on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces series only a few days ago so you may be able to watch it on playback.

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