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Does Fitting Solar Panels Increase Property Values?

If you have wandered if having solar photovoltaic panels fitted to the roof of your home or having them ground mounted in your garden has any impact on how much your home is worth then you may wish to look into the research carried out on behalf of Which?

Does installing solar panels increase the value of your home?

Apparently, 1,252 estate agents took part in the survey and gave their opinion as to whether they felt that if a homeowner was to have solar panels installed it would make a difference to the value of their property. The research was carried out in June of this year.

It is interesting to note that only 8% of those estate agents were of the opinion that if someone was to have solar panels fitted to their property that such an installation would increase its value.

There were 17% of estate agents who were of the opinion that having solar panels installed had a negative impact on the value of the property resulting in its value dropping. This seems to be an interesting opinion. Could it be due to the fact that many installations are on the roofs of homes and potential purchasers of properties could be put off by the sight of such panels?

However, 67% of estate agents felt that if someone was to have solar panels installed at their home then this would not make any difference to the value of the property.

The remaining 8% of estate agents did not know whether such an installation would make any difference to the value of the property.

Whilst it would be good if having solar panels fitted to your home did increase its value, a major reason for having them installed is the potential saving that may be made in your fuel bills. Another reason for such installations is that solar power is a renewable energy and helps lower carbon emissions on a worldwide basis.

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