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Department Store Reaches Solar Panel Milestone

Barretts of Woodbridge in Woodbridge, Suffolk is a department store selling the likes of bedding, furniture, curtains, lighting and carpets. They are family run having commenced trading in May 1969 and have an excellent reputation in the locality.

Woodbridge Suffolk
(image credit: Martin Pettitt)

In July 2012 the department store had sixteen 250w solar panels fitted on the bed department’s roof that was south east facing by East Green Energy that are also located in the town and have been pleased with the results having recently hit a significant milestone whilst at the same time doing something for the benefit of the environment.

Barretts was pleased to announce that they had generated 1,000 kWh of electricity that was being used by the store. Interestingly, the store has a display board that can be seen in the showroom that revealed this achievement. It also shows the total volume of CO2 emissions that have been saved so far that currently is in excess of half a tonne.

Jill Barrett who is the owner of the department store was pleased, along with her staff that this output had been achieved. She felt that it was important to the business to become greener and was complimentary towards East Green Energy who dealt with the installation process speedily and it no doubt helped with both businesses being local.

Customers have been complimentary about the display that is sited above a till and also because the solar panels cannot be seen by people at ground floor level.

Linda Grave who is the Sales Director for East Green Energy made it clear how pleased they were to carry out the installation for Barretts of Woodbridge who have an excellent reputation in the area.

We can but wander how many customers visiting the department store and have seen the display have decided to have solar panels fitted to the roof of their homes.

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