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Council To Provide 1,500 Homes With Solar Panels

We have been saying for quite some time that the UK needs an increasing number of large solar panel projects to come to fruition to help the country achieve its renewable energy targets by 2020. We cannot just rely on individual homeowners “taking the plunge” and investing in solar photovoltaic panels.

Installing solar panels could reduce your energy bills

We are pleased to have read that the executive board of Warrington Borough Council has committed £5.25 million to provide three sheltered housing schemes as well as solar panels for 1,500 properties. Golden Gates Housing Trust is in partnership with the council in this respect. It is being forecast that tenants could each see a reduction in their energy bills of as much as £233 per annum.

This saving is a significant figure at a time when energy prices have been on the increase and is no doubt going to be welcomed by the occupants of those homes in the current economic climate. An income is to be received by Warrington Borough Council to fund the project.

There are no doubt many projects that have and are taking place around the UK that will help us improve the environment by reducing CO2 emissions. We have mentioned many schemes in recent months and let us hope that we continue to report on new ones that come to our attention.

There has been much debate about the building of solar farms in the countryside. As is usually the case, there are some people that are in favour and some firmly against such schemes. It is important that the concerns of local residents are listened to and taken into account over such projects which is something that the government wishes to see happening.

The installation of solar panels are undoubtedly having an impact on helping the country improve its carbon footprint and reduce energy bills for both residential and commercial properties.

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