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Council Say No To Solar Panels On Pavilion

Whilst Henley Town Council recently sanctioned the installation of solar panels at an outdoor sports centre and an over 60s club in Henley on Thames they have refused to sanction the fitting of solar panels on the roof of Leichlingen Pavilion in the town that attracts many visitors each year because of its beautiful setting by the River Thames.

Planning approval had been sought to install 40 solar panels at a cost of £68,013 but it was felt that they would spoil the surrounding area.

The beautiful town of Henley-on-Thames
(image credit: Jos Dielis)

Councilor Martin Akehurst was critical of the proposal as the pavilion was located at Mill Meadows that could be seen as you approach the town by the southern river and it was felt the solar panels would look hideous.

He commentated: “I’m trying to find words to describe what it would look like with solar panels on it.

“I’ve seen better things hovering over Arizona on UFO TV channels. I can’t think of a better way to crucify this building.”

Another councilor, David Clenshaw was also critical of the impact solar panels would have on the roof of Leichlingen Pavilion as the building is located by the riverside.

Sam Evans is another councilor who pointed out that Mill Meadows is such a beautiful area that if solar panels were installed on the pavilion’s roof it would be an insult to visitors and local residents.

However, there were a number of local councilors who supported the scheme in view of their cost effectiveness.

Plans to install solar panels on the roof of the town hall were also turned down as English Heritage had raised objections.

It has to be said that the council has been supportive of many such planning applications on other properties in Henley on Thames but, although voting was close on this occasion, the application was thrown out by five votes to four.

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