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Council Approve Solar Panel Installations On Some Council Buildings

Solar Panel installation
(image credit: Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious)

Yet another council has approved the installation of solar panels on a number of its own buildings. Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council didn’t take too long in making the decision obviously feeling that the scheme had a number of benefits.

The cost of installing solar panels on three of the council’s buildings is expected to be £50,000. The announcement has been warmly welcomed by those supporting environmentally friendly schemes.

The solar panels are to be installed at the Down Grange Barns and the Maidenwell Pavilion that are both situated at Down Grange sports complex. The other solar panels are to be installed at Whiteditch Depot that is in Sherborne Road.

The approval of this scheme has come only about four weeks after the announcement that Basingstoke College of Technology is to have 400 solar panels installed on the engineering block’s building at a cost of £100,000.

Robert Donnell who is one of the councillors felt that the decision was a sensible one as it was important that the council introduce solutions that reduce the quantities of energy that need to be purchased especially as the cost of energy was increasing periodically.

The scheme was initially suggested to the council back in January 2012 by Martin Heath who is with the Basingstoke Transition Network. He too fully supported the decision and hopes that it is only the start of such schemes for the council.

It is estimated by officers at the Borough Council that the £50,000 installation cost will be recouped within a period of 9 years as a result of the feed in tariff scheme plus the ability to sell electricity that is not needed back to the National Grid. Also, it is forecast that carbon dioxide emissions will drop by 9.4 tons each year making a significant positive impact upon the local environment. The forecast annual return on investment is 8 per cent that will benefit the council financially.

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