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Community Solar Scheme Set Up In Somerset

We have previously commented about community solar photovoltaic farms being set up that will undoubtedly contribute towards helping the UK meet its carbon emissions and renewable energy targets. However, there is something special about such community projects being set up over and above the normal commercially focused schemes with the later tending to concentrate on generating a significant profit. After all, it is commendable to hear of local people wanting to come together to help not only their local towns and villages but at the same time, also the country as a whole.

An increasing number of solar farms are being constructed in the UK

Members of the Wedmore Community Power Co-operative have invested a considerable sum of money collectively in a new solar farm that will make a significant positive impact in the reduction of carbon emissions. Apparently, in excess of 120 people have invested in the one-megawatt scheme near Burnham on Sea in Somerset.

It is good to hear that a larger percentage of these people are from the locality with each investing a minimum of £250 in the £1.1 million scheme. Because of this relatively low figure, it has no doubt made the scheme more attractive to a greater number of people.

The solar farm comprises of just under 4,000 solar panels that are capable of generating enough energy to provide power for around 300 homes. Annually, there will be a reduction in carbon dioxide of about 450 tonnes that is a considerable amount.

It is pleasing to hear that, despite the solar panels being located in two fields, sheep will still be able to graze in them and will not be disturbed by the ground mounted solar panels. Some of the profits made are to be used for the benefit of charities and local organisations after paying investors interest and repaying their capital investment with the later taking place over a 27-year term.

We would welcome your comments and, in particular, would like to hear about similar community solar farm projects.

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