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Chinese Solar Panel Manufacturing Predicted to Grow In 2017

It is well known that China is a huge manufacturer of solar photovoltaic panels that are then used in solar panel installations in China and a number of other countries around the world. Well, it is being forecast that China is to significantly increase the number of solar panels it builds this year in comparison to 2016.

Solar panel manufacturing in China is predicted to increase significantly in 2017

Apparently, last year China manufactured solar photovoltaic panels that had a capacity of 48 GW. In 2017, it is being forecast that solar panels will be built with a capacity of 60 GW. That is a huge increase of 25%. Those panels will be used both in China and certain other countries around the world.

Of course this will be excellent news for those working in the solar panel industry in China as, presumably, it may lead to more jobs being created that the Chinese people will no doubt welcome.

China has certainly become a big player within the solar power industry and it looks set to grow its manufacturing output significantly. China has previously become involved in a trade war with the likes of the USA and countries within the European Union over solar panels.

China’s solar capacity target that was set for 2020 is being forecast to be reached before that date which is perhaps an indication of how keen China is to encourage the take up of solar power within its own country. Whilst there will no doubt be significant interest in solar panel installations in China it will be interesting to see just how quickly things progress.

It will be interesting to monitor the manufacturing output of solar panel manufacturers in other countries such as the USA, Germany and the UK to see how it compares with China in 2017. We will continue to keep our readers updated periodically as and when information becomes available about the above.

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