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China Donates Solar Panels To Zambia

China has been much criticised by a number of countries in relation to solar power with, for instance, the United States of America imposing import tariffs on solar panels and the European Commission currently undertaking an investigation into their solar panel trading activities. Therefore, it is pleasing to hear of something positive coming out of China.

China donates solar panels to Zambia
(image credit: Dave Dugdale)

Apparently, China has donated 480 mobile solar panels to Zambia to assist them in developing rural areas in the country as the solar panels will be used to help light up certain parts of the country. The value of these solar panels is considerable.

Each solar panel is capable of generating 200 watts of electricity so will be able to be used very effectively in an office environment or even by a large family in their home.

The presentation of the solar panels was kindly made by Zhijing Chai who is the economic and commercial counsellor at the Chinese Embassy on behalf of the government in China to Yamfwa Mukanga who is Zambia’s Minister of Mines, Energy and Water Development.

Obviously, Zambia is pleased to be the recipients of such a gift with Mr Mukanga stressing the obvious goodwill that exists between China and Zambia. He made it clear at the ceremony where the solar panels were handed over that Zambia were grateful to the Chinese population and that the solar panels would be utilised to help the country achieve its aim of providing electricity to more remote parts of the country. He stressed that the change in Government did not have any impact on the two country’s relationship.

The first to benefit from the mobile solar panels are Government houses and pubic institutions. The solar panels will assist, amongst other things, the country’s farming and mining communities.

China is to be commended for making such a gesture during a troubled period within their solar panel industry.

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