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China Building Largest Solar Power Plant In The World

China is constructing the biggest solar power plant in the world in the Gobi Desert that is the largest desert in Asia covering part of Mongolia and China. The plant will cover an area of 10 square miles that, we are sure you will agree, is a huge project.

The largest solar power station in the world is being constructed in the Gobi Desert

It is estimated that the solar power plant will be capable of generating around 200 megawatts of solar power. This amount of energy could be capable of providing power to as many as one million homes. Obviously, China has a huge population but this plant will be of tremendous benefit to a significant number of people.

A plant of this size will no doubt make a huge contribution in reducing the volume of carbon emissions in China that the population of that country will no doubt wholeheartedly welcome as certain areas are renowned for their extremely high levels of smog. It is also expected to make a significant reduction in the use of coal to help generate electricity. China would like to be in a position by 2030 of being capable of reducing such emissions by as much as 20%. This plant will no doubt be a big help in this target hopefully being met.

The building of the plant will no doubt provide work for some of those people experienced in the construction industry. It may also mean that more jobs are required in the solar power manufacturing sector.

Let us hope that we continue to see large solar power construction schemes being taken forward in other countries around the world as it will no doubt require the collective support of us all to do everything that can be done to achieve global renewable energy targets in the coming years. For instance, solar farms can play a big part in providing renewable energy as well as solar panels being fitted to the roofs of residential properties and commercial buildings.

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