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Cheaper Solar Cells May Be On The Horizon

Globally, there is a huge focus on making greater use of renewable energy such as solar and wind power rather than fossil fuels such as coal for reasons that we have documented on numerous occasions in the recent past. Solar panels are now firmly established as a means to generate electricity and help reduce a homeowner’s electricity bill.

However, whilst we accept that the cost of purchasing a solar panel system has come down significantly here in the UK, we are sure that you would agree that anything that can be done to further reduce the price of solar panels, no matter how small, would be most welcome.

The Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology

Well, you may be interested to read about the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) that is a university in Japan that provides education as well as conducting research in technology and science. In excess of half of its students come from outside the country. The OIST has been conducting research into the production of solar cells more cost effectively.

Apparently, they have been carrying out some research into solar cells that are centred on organic materials. These have flexible and transparent electrodes and this type of solar cell can be fabricated easier and at less cost by using a roll-to-roll coating method. This electrode has been named a “ Flextrode”.

They have worked out a way of cleaning the electrodes that have been stored to ensure that their conductivity and ability to work is restored. Due to their flexibility and transparency they are likely to have greater use than silicon based solar cells. At the moment they are looking into the design of the new cells and how they can be best optimized.

We can but await any further developments. Perhaps, it may not be long before they enter the public domain.

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