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CAFOD Helps To Provide Solar Power

It is always pleasing to hear of solar panels being used to help those in most need so we thought that the following information would be of interest to you.

Kenya has many poor areas that would benefit from solar power
(image credit: Shared Interest)

CAFOD is the overseas development and relief agency of the Catholic Church in England and Wales and they do a great deal of excellent work around the world. They are involved in a solar powered scheme that is likely to help many people.

CAFOD, in association with the European Union, is involved in a project in some of the poorer parts of Kenya that will provide solar power to around 640,000 people. Solar power will be provided to numerous health centres and schools over a four-year period. In the regions that will benefit, the amount of rainfall is less than a third of what we get in the UK.

Apparently, CAFOD is to invest in excess of £500,000 in the scheme with the European Union Development Fund providing grants of £1.5 million.

Over the 4 year period, 69 community groups and 138 schools will have solar panels installed to provide lighting, fridges and solar water pumping in Isiolo, Kajiado and Kitui. These three regions are some of the poorest in the country with only 2% of residents having access to electricity. A company by the name of Solar Works East Africa Limited are involved in the installation.

There are many people in such countries that do not have access to electricity so this sounds like a wonderful and welcome initiative to help improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of Kenyans. The solar powered fridges will be used to hold medicines including vaccines and solar water purification systems will reduce the possibility of people contracting water borne diseases.

If anyone reading this article knows of similar, worthwhile projects then please let us know so that we can make more people aware of them.

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