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Are Solar Panel Subsidies To Reduce?

The UK, along with the rest of the world, has renewable energy targets to meet by 2020. One of the benefits is that we should continue to see carbon emissions reduce to help make the world a more eco-friendly environment to live in.

Is it possible that the government will significantly reduce subsidies on solar panels being installed in January 2016?

Apparently, however, the Department of Energy and Climate Change is spending more than they would like in helping the country meet these targets resulting in it being announced that a review of subsidies is to be undertaken that could see subsidies reduce by not far off 90% from January 2016. If these subsidies were reduced by such a large percentage this could have a significant impact on people deciding to have solar panels installed on their roofs and that would not be good news for the industry nor, one would have thought, for the environment.

We have already seen a lowering of support for large solar farms being built in the UK yet you would have thought that some solar panel farms could be located in places that are not too visible to members of the public by being hidden by trees and various other planting.

Although many people in the UK are keen supporters of reducing carbon emissions, let’s not forget that most people want to be able to achieve this without any significant impact on their savings/monthly expenditure. Although many people have a capital outlay when having solar photovoltaic panels installed on the roofs of their homes and commercial premises they do so in the knowledge that, within a reasonable timescale, they should recoup that outlay and start to see some “payback” by a reduction in their electricity bills.

Therefore, surely it is important that any review of solar power incentives takes this into account so that homeowners are still prepared to consider having solar panels placed on their roofs or ground mounted panels in their back gardens. We will keep you updated on any developments in respect of the above.

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