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Abattoir To Use Solar Panels

There is no doubt numerous potential solar panel farm developments seeking planning approval as well as those that are waiting to commence installation work. We cannot bring them all to our readers attention but we like to mention a select few.

It is pleasing to hear that a decision has been taken to overturn a ruling made by planning officers who had declined a solar panel farm scheme. The solar farm had been going to be constructed on a green belt field close to Orchard Farm in Little Warley.

The planning and development committee of Brentwood Borough Council are the ones that have changed the previous decision and have approved the scheme that will see in excess of 1,000 solar panels being installed in six rows. These solar panels will be used to provide an alternative source of power for the Cheale Meats abattoir located at Orchard Farm helping run the larger refrigerators.

Solar farms are continuing to be built

Apparently, Paul Cheale who is a director of the company was surprised that it had proved so awkward to obtain approval considering the Government’s support for carbon emission reductions. The company, that has invested £300,000 in the scheme, will utilise the electricity they require and sell any left over to the National Grid. It is estimated that some 229,798 kWh of energy will be provided with this equating to the energy being consumed in the average family property eighty times over.

The vice-chairman of the above committee felt that the solar panels would not be too visible but also made it clear that the decision would not result in future precedents being created for similar applications for solar panel farms.

People obviously have differing opinions as to whether such schemes are beneficial but if the UK is to have any chance of reaching its renewable energy and carbon emission targets by the due date surely such schemes are going to play a big part in helping achieve them.

We welcome the thoughts of our readers.

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