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Solar Panels Fitted To Council Houses

Lincoln is in the process of building a number of new council homes for the first time in 20 years and solar panels are being fitted to all of them.

So far, five town houses in Wellington Street have each had six solar photovoltaic panels installed.

City of Lincoln Council was granted planning permission back in October last year and commenced construction work in March of this year. Properties will be available prior to Christmas 2012 for occupation for people on Lincoln council’s waiting list.

The solar panelling on each home is forecast to produce about 1,380kwh of electricity each year that should result in a saving of in excess of £300 per annum for each home that, in the current economic climate, is most welcome. Each property should save CO2 emissions of around 0.67 tonnes per annum.

The properties are being constructed to a sustainability of Code 4. Other features that are to be incorporated are high specification insulation, energy monitors and up to date heating systems that should also assist in energy conservation.

Lindum Group is building the properties and their Finance Director Herman Kok stated: “You notice the savings straight away and the houses have a very high thermal value with double thickness insulation.”

Councillor Peter West of Lincoln council commented: “We’re really keen to push the green agenda with our first housing development in two decades, and have had them designed in a way that will assist in reducing the city’s carbon footprint.

“Not only that, but it will reduce energy bills for those tenants living in the new homes on Wellington Street.”

No doubt those people from the waiting list who will be taking up occupancy of these new homes later in the year will appreciate the potential benefits.

These properties are the first of 50 to be constructed for the council before 2020.

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