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Youth Activities Centre Has Solar Panels Installed

A youth activities centre in Lincoln has had a solar array installed
(image credit: Nigel

A youth activities centre in Lincolnshire has had a solar array installed that will provide not only energy savings and help with the reduction in carbon emissions but will also educate the younger generation about energy conservation.

The Showroom, at the youth activities centre, that is run and owned by Lincolnshire YMCA, is situated in Tritton Road, Lincoln where almost 200 solar panels have been installed to create a substantial solar array of 50 kW. Not only will the centre’s energy bills be reduced but also the solar panels will produce enough energy to run the air conditioning units.

Dean Graham, who is the business manager at The Showroom, made the observation as to how important it was to educate the next generation about the benefits of the likes of tidal, wind and solar energy sources bearing in mind the limited supply of fossil fuels.

It is interesting to note that it will only take in the region of six years for the solar panels that are located on three different roof levels to recoup the initial cost of installing them. The system has a life expectancy in the region of 25 years so from a financial perspective they are certainly extremely viable. There is also expected to be a significant reduction in the amount of carbon dioxide being removed from the atmosphere – about 25 tonnes each year.

The company that installed the solar panels, called Freewatt that is located in Stow near Lincoln, found the unusual shape of the roof quite a challenge.

Lincolnshire YMCA has a number of other sites and it is currently looking into the viability of having renewable energy resources installed at them.

The Showroom utilises LEDs and low energy lighting whenever it can and has energy efficient boilers. The Showroom opened in 2011 and is to be commended for its move to provide further renewable energy resources.

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