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Wolseley UK Installs 8,000 Solar Panels

Wolseley UK Ltd is the UK arm of Wolseley PLC that is well known as being one of the world’s biggest suppliers of building products. The operation’s head office in this country is situated in Leamington Spa in Warwickshire. The business is made up of several well-known brand names such as Plumb Center, Pipe Center and Parts Center to name but three.

The Plumb Center is part of Wolseley UK and sell solar panel systems

Over the last few months, Wolseley UK has been involved in the installation of just over 8,000 solar photovoltaic panels on its roof in Leamington Spa. This appears to have been a huge project as it has covered an area in excess of 13,000 square meters that is not far of the area that two rugby pitches would take up.

It is being estimated that the solar system will have an annual capacity of around 2 megawatts of electricity that would provide sufficient power for about 450 homes so it is a significant contributor to renewable energy. The solar power system is capable of providing more than enough electricity for the National Distribution Centre in Leamington Spa. The forecast annual reduction in carbon emissions is 1,280 tonnes and the payback term is around 6.8 years.

Of course, this solar development will not only be of financial benefit to the company but it will add weight behind the likes of the Plumb Center selling a variety of solar panel systems to the trade and public.

The company are to be commended for this huge installation and let us hope that we see many such new developments crop up in the coming months/years as they can only be positive for the renewable energy sector and go some way towards meeting the UK’s carbon emission reduction targets.

We would welcome receiving any news of similar solar panel system developments scheduled to take place in the UK over the following months so that we can report on them.

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