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Why Do People Decide To Install Solar Panels?

There are no doubt many reasons why homeowners and business owners decide to have solar panels installed on the roofs of their houses and commercial premises. Two of the most popular reasons are probably the potential cost saving over a number of years plus the fact that solar power is a renewable energy source and thus helps the environment by lowering the amount of carbon emissions.

Some people no doubt have solar panels fitted following a recommendation from a friend or neighbour.

However, according to data provided by SolarCity in the USA, a reason why people show an initial interest in the possibility of having solar panels installed is as a result of a friend or a neighbor recommending the product.

Apparently, over a third of customers of SolarCity have had solar photovoltaic panels installed due to such a recommendation. In fact, in Fort Collins in Colorado, the research revealed that 69% of solar panel installations were due to a neighbor or friend recommending the product. In Kailua-Kona in Hawaii 64% of new installations were due to such recommendations and in Gloucester Township in New Jersey 62% of solar panel systems that were fitted were due to these sorts of recommendations.

Of course, people buy a variety of products often on the recommendation of others so the above information perhaps does not come as a surprise to too many people. Nevertheless, it does make for interesting reading which is why we thought we would share it with you.

It would be interesting to know if similar research has been carried out in the UK by anyone so that the two sets of data can be compared between the USA and this country. There will no doubt be quite a lot of people that have had solar panels installed on the roofs of their homes or business premises that have done so following recommendations from their many friends, family, work colleagues and neighbours.

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