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White House Installs Solar Panels

It requires little introduction as it tends to be viewable most days on one television news channel or another but the White House in Washington, USA is the home of the President of the United States of America and his family whilst he is in office but is also the administrative centre that he operates from. Therefore, it does tend to be well known throughout the international community.

The White House are having solar panels fitted
(image credit: DerFussi)

If you think that this is the first time that the White House has had solar panels installed on its premises you would be wrong. Back in the 1970s Jimmy Carter had thermal panels fitted to help heat the hot water in the building but in 1986 Ronald Reagan took a dislike to them and had them removed.

Back in October 2010, President Obama’s administration, no doubt in support of environmental matters, made a commitment to have solar panels fitted to the roof of the White House within three years. It had been expected that around 20 to 50 solar photovoltaic panels would have been installed back in the spring of 2011 but this did not happen for whatever reason.

Well, apparently, this is all changing as it is believed that solar panels are currently being fitted as part of a bigger energy project that will incorporate variable speed fans and more up to date controls for the White House. It is estimated that the installation is likely to have paid for itself after around eight years. The solar panels will provide electricity to this historic building that will demonstrate the President’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and supporting the environment.

We would welcome hearing from any of our readers about any other similar world renowned buildings that have or are to have solar panels fitted to them so that we can cascade this information to others.

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