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Where Could Transparent Solar Panels Be Used?

It is being reported that transparent solar panels may be available to use in the next few years. So, where could such solar panels be used?

Well, the obvious place could be to replace glass windows in homes and commercial premises with transparent solar panels. Can you imagine the potential square footage of window availability not only here in the UK but in other countries around the world? In this country there is a housing shortage so as new homes are built could they have such solar panels installed instead of conventional glazed window units? Will it be possible to make such windows in double glazing?

It may be possible to manufacture vehicle windows in transparent solar panels instead of the normal glazing. Then the electricity generated could possibly be used to help power certain things in the car such as lights and heating.

One reason why some home owners choose not to buy solar panels and have them installed on the roof of their property is that some people feel that conventional solar panels look unsightly. Well, transparent solar panels may look better on the roofs of homes as anyone passing could see straight through the panels through to the normal roofing material such as tiles.

Could such solar panels be used in the construction of a conservatory or orangery on your home rather than the usual double glazed units? The electricity generated may be used to provide heat and lighting in the conservatory rather than the likes of traditional radiator heating.

It will be interesting to monitor the progress of the development of such solar photovoltaic panels over the next few years and we will continue to keep our readers up dated as and when anything comes to our attention in respect of transparent solar panels. Obviously, the cost of such panels will no doubt have a bearing on how successful they may prove to be.

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