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Weekly Solar Panel Installation Figures Look Impressive

The figures for the number of solar panel installations for the week ending 2 December 2012 that have recently been announced make impressive reading.

Solar panel installation
(image credit: Dave Dugdale)

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has released the figures showing that the number of solar panels that are being installed has increased further with 1,615 domestic installations in the week ending 2 December 2012. This was a significant increase when compared with the figures for the last week in November 2012 that showed that 1,137 domestic installations took place.

Without wishing to appear over optimistic, these figures do make promising reading and, when you consider the figures that had been seen since March 2012, it does give a welcome boost to the industry that has been going through a difficult period .

Having said all this, the figures are felt to be rather low with the Solar Trade Association being of the opinion that the solar industry should be fitting about 6,000 solar panel installations each week from the spring of 2013. That is almost a four-fold increase on the figures for the week ending 2 December 2012.

Since 1 November 2012, when some feed in tariffs were reduced, the average number of solar panel installations on domestic properties was 1,196 each week.

There is an opinion that the public’s view on solar panels took a downward turn following the announcements last year about the alterations to the feed in tariff. Since then, the installation figures seen have failed to return to previous levels.

The figures for non-domestic solar panel installations perform on a seasonal basis with higher installations in the summer and lower figures in the winter period. Following the announcement by Ofgem that it will not be until 1 May 2013 that we will see a reduction in feed in tariffs again let’s hope that the solar panel installation market will continue on upwards.

We will continue to monitor the figures as they are announced.

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