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UK’s Largest Solar Farm Connected

It was only back in January that we informed our readers that the largest solar farm in the UK had been built in Oxfordshire and it was known as Landmead. That had a capacity of about 45MW.

Large solar farms have an important part to play in the UK meeting its renewable energy targets.

Well, we can inform you that another solar farm has recently gone live in the UK that has an even bigger capacity. It is the Southwick Estate Solar Farm that is located near Fareham in Hampshire. This solar farm has a capacity of 48MW making it slightly bigger than Landmead. The project has been completed by Primrose Solar with the construction work being done by Solarcentury and is capable of providing enough renewable electricity to power around 14,500 average sized residential properties here in the UK.

The solar farm is surrounded by lots of hedgerows and woodland and it even has a public footpath going over it. There will be sheep allowed onto the site to graze between the ground-mounted solar panels.

There is no doubt that solar farms of this size will help this country achieve its renewable energy and carbon emission targets by 2020. We cannot just rely on hitting these targets from people having solar photovoltaic panels installed on the roofs of their homes. It will require a concerted effort by all parties.

There has been and continues to be a number of objections to solar farms but surely if they are constructed taking into account the environment and the opinions of local people the potential benefits should hopefully outweigh the pitfalls. There are a number of large solar farms now in the UK and we will presumably get to hear about a number of other projects as they come through to fruition.

We will continue to make our readers aware of such solar panel schemes as and when we hear about them. However, do feel free to let us know about any that come to your attention and we will endeavor to write about them.

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