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UK Population Express Concern About Energy Output In Five Years

We all sit in our homes and work in business premises using various forms of energy supply such as gas and electricity. The majority of us are concerned about rising utility prices with British Gas due to increase the average price of gas by over 8% and electricity by over 10% shortly.

However, how many of us pay much attention as to whether we will have sufficient energy in five years time to help keep us warm and light our buildings and streets?

Are you concerned about energy supplies in five years time?

Well, a survey has recently been carried out on behalf of Energy Saving Trust by OPSOS Mori that you may find interesting. Two thousand UK adults took part in the survey and over a quarter (26%) of them felt it would not be easy for enough energy to be supplied to cope with our requirements here in the UK by the year 2018.

Just over 1,000 of those surveyed were prepared to lower the amount of energy that they would consume if that would ensure that the country would have a sufficient supply of energy going forward. As a result of rising utility prices, of which 89% said that they were aware of such price increases, a similar number claimed to have investigated energy reduction options.

It was interesting to note that when hearing about the potential benefits of wind farms only 20% of people had said that they had looked into energy saving options.

One of the many ways of utilising energy without putting pressure on the likes of fossil fuels is by utilising the powers of the sun’s rays by having solar panels installed. Yes, there is a significant initial outlay but this can potentially be recouped in a few years and thereafter can provide an income. Solar power is not only a valuable renewable energy source but will also help reduce carbon emissions that is an important global requirement.

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