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UK Has The Biggest Solar Powered Bridge In The World

It is always extremely pleasant to be able to mention something positive. So it was interesting to hear this week that the ribbon was cut on a world record breaking development here in the UK.

Blackfriars Railway Bridge

For quite some time, Solarcentury has been involved in the installation of solar panels on Blackfriars Railway Bridge as part of the development at London Blackfriars Railway Station. This has resulted in 4,400 solar photovoltaic panels being installed on the roof that goes across the River Thames. This makes the bridge the largest solar powered one anywhere in the world.

There are occasions when we hear public criticism of solar panels that have been installed on homes on housing estates and in the countryside looking an eyesore yet, here we have in a central part of London, our capital city, a solar powered development that will undoubtedly become an iconic feature. A wonderful achievement and all those involved are to be commended.

As a result, the railway station expects to provide 50% of its energy from these solar panels. It is also forecast that 511 tones of carbon emissions will be removed from the atmosphere each year.

This was no doubt a complex development to manage as those involved will have had to work around the movement of trains and members of the public to ensure their safety at all times and deal with all the other transport issues within London. Apparently, Solarcentury had even thought of using the River Thames to transport a number of the supplies required in the installation.

Network Rail’s investment in this highly significant and publicly visible project will hopefully encourage many other companies to make that move towards using renewable energy to provide power for their premises.

As always, we would welcome the comments of our readers about this latest solar panel project.

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