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UK Firm to Build Largest Solar Panel Plant in Africa

A firm in the UK has stated that it intends to build the largest solar panel power plant in Africa.

The company that will undertake the construction work are Mere Power Nzema Ltd with the development of the project having been done by a renewable energy investment company based in the United Kingdom by the name of Blue Energy. A decision about financing is awaited but is expected to be forthcoming within 6 months.

The largest solar panel plant in Africa is expected to be constructed in Ghana
(image credit: MDGovpics)

The solar plant is to be located in Ghana with the building work expected to get under way in the next 12 months. When completed the plant is forecast to be able to provide electricity to in excess of 100,000 properties. The plant is expected to cost in the region of $400 million (£248 million) to construct.

In the last few years there have been numerous solar panel projects in Africa but this is by far the biggest with the 155 MW plant forecast to increase the capacity of Ghana’s power generation by a massive 6%.

The plant will consist of in excess of 630,000 solar PV modules and it is hoped that in the early part of 2014 electricity will be produced with the plant operating at full capacity by the end of 2015.

The new plant will benefit from a 20 year feed in tariff.

Douglas Coleman who is Project Director for Mere Power Nzema Ltd stated: “The project has land, it has planning consent, it has a generating licence, and it has received a feed-in tariff. It is the right plant in the right place at the right time.”

Stadium Group, who are a development and private asset company based in Europe and have £2.5 billion under investment, are a majority shareholder in the company who are responsible for the project.

In recent years, emerging countries like Ghana, have held back in their renewable energy plans due to high costs but solar panel prices have reduced of late enabling them to take advantage of solar power.

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