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Uganda Looking To Provide More Citizens With Access To Electricity

There are a number of countries within the vast African continent that do not provide all their citizens with access to mains electricity. In fact, around 600 million such residents do not benefit from this which people in developed countries like the UK tend to take for granted. There cannot be many homes in this country that do not have mains electricity.

There are a number of villages in Uganda that do not have the benefit of mains electricity

It is interesting to note that Uganda is looking to do something about this situation in their country for some of the population. We are sure that those people will welcome such news.
Apparently, pre-paid electricity is going to be made available to an increasing number of Ugandans and they will be using solar power to help in the scheme. Of course, Uganda will no doubt benefit from considerable more days of sunshine than we do in the UK that will aid the generation of this type of renewable energy.

There are certain villages that rely on kerosene to provide lighting that surely cannot be the healthiest of substances. Having said that, there are some homes that have solar power systems in certain parts of the country.

The pay as you go solar power system is a joint venture between MTN Uganda and a company from the USA called Fenix International. The ReadyPay kit consists of a solar panel, a battery pack with a couple of USB ports, a couple of adaptor ports for car lighters plus some items for charging phones and a selection of lights. You will be interested to note that there are other bigger kits available so that other things can be powered using solar panels.

One of the benefits about this scheme is that someone can pay for enough electricity to power the things that they feel are important to them as well as not over-committing themselves financially.

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