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The Solar Backpack

In recent years there have been numerous, ingenious ways identified to make use of solar panels and we have commented on some of them. For instance, some ambulances have been fitted with solar panels to help provide energy for some of the electrics. There have been carports in public car parks made out of solar panels to allow electric cars to be charged up.

For those of you that enjoy the outdoor life, you may be interested in a solar backpack with these being marketed by a variety of companies including here in the UK and whilst we have not tested one there have been some positive reviews. There are several backpacks to choose from with varying prices so, as with most things that you consider buying, it is worth shopping around.

The solar backpack sounds like an interesting product

The solar panel is ideally located on the backpack so is well placed to capture the sunlight and charge the batteries whilst you are on the move. Some are capable of charging your iPad, mobile phone, GPS device, laptop, camera and gaming console.

They could be used by people carrying out a variety of outdoor activities such as skiing, mountaineering, walking, rambling and snowboarding. They should enable you to keep the likes of your mobile phone charged up for a considerable period of time thus providing additional comfort from a safety point of view when on the move.

They come in various sizes and power capacity and enable you to carry many of the usual things that you would take with you on an outdoor excursion in addition to the likes of an iPad.

This sounds like an interesting product and worthy of consideration but would welcome feedback from anyone that has used one.

We will continue to keep our readers up to date with suitable products involving solar panels.

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