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Tension Increases Between China And USA Over Solar

Much has been written in the last few months about the various issues between China, European Union countries and the USA over solar products. Perhaps because solar power is such a significant factor in the renewable energy strategies of many countries there may be trading issues for some time to come although it would have been preferable if this were not the case.

Is there the possibility of another solar trade dispute looming between China and the USA?

Well, apparently, the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) in the USA has expressed concern that the possibility of a trade war with China in relation to various solar power components could negatively affect the solar trade sector in the USA. The German company by the name of SolarWorld, that has an operation in the USA, has complained that China has been able to avoid certain tariffs by utilising Taiwan made polysilicon cells but still having the rest of the solar panel product made in China.

Back in 2012, the USA imposed duties on Chinese solar products but that did not include solar panels manufactured utilising cells made in the likes of Taiwan. However, last week, the US Department of Commerce has commenced an investigation into the importation of various solar products from both Taiwan and China with a view to finding out if any dumping has been taking place not only of these cells but also any other products used in the solar industry.

This decision has not been well received by China who has responded in no uncertain terms making it quite clear that they will look to protect the solar industry in their country if required.

Obviously, the above may add to the unease between China and the USA and cause concern with companies involved in the solar industry in these countries and in Taiwan.

We will keep you up to date with any further developments.

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