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Solar Road Shows Planned For January

We have reported on many occasions about the increasing number of solar farms as well as large corporates installing solar panels on their available roof space on their commercial premises. It is important that such solar panel schemes continue to grow in numbers over the coming years to ensure that the UK meets its renewable energy and carbon emission targets as we cannot rely solely on the domestic market for this.

More solar farms are being constructed in the UK

Therefore it is pleasing to hear that a solar energy company is to hold a number of solar road shows in the next few days in strategic locations around the UK. The company concerned are called Lightsource Renewable Energy Ltd that was formed in 2010 and now operates the UK’s biggest number of utility scale solar panel plants that it has developed.

The first in a series of road shows are to take place between the 21st to 24th of January 2014 in locations in Coventry, Hull, Blackpool and Gloucester commencing at 5pm and ending at 9pm. Details of further road shows will be published at a later date.

The road shows are designed to provide the local farming community, landowners, local residents and businesses with a significant amount of information about solar farms. In particular, people can learn more about solar panel technology and the income that this can produce for those that are willing to rent out their land to the company. People can also find out about the job opportunities the company expect to have.

Presently, the company operates 80 solar farms and are currently employing in the region of 160 people. These solar farms provide electricity to in excess of 100,000 homes and it is hoped that by the end of 2014 they will have increased this capacity by 100% and also anticipate taking on a further 100 workers.

So, why not take the opportunity to attend one of these solar road shows.

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