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Solar Power Capacity To Be Increased By Bernard Matthews

In the past, many of you will have enjoyed a Sunday lunch that has included turkey farmed and produced by Bernard Matthews that is the biggest farmer of turkeys in the UK. The company is also a keen supporter of green energy initiatives including solar power, wind turbines, waste and biomass. In fact, in respect of the later, it has the biggest installation in England.

Solar capacity is to be increased at a number of Bernard Matthews farms

With regard to solar power, it already has a solar farm covering 55 acres at Holton in Suffolk that is capable of generating 10.1MW of electricity. The 110,000 solar panels are capable of providing enough electricity to meet the needs of 3,000 homes so it is a huge development. It also has a solar farm at Weston in Norfolk covering around 30 acres.

Not wishing to stand still, it is to increase its solar power capacity at a number of its farms in Norfolk. It is installing around 10,000 solar photovoltaic panels at 11 farms that will provide up to 2.5MW of capacity.

By 2020, the company is trying to lower its carbon footprint by 100% by using the likes of solar power, wind turbines, waste and biomass boilers.

Bernard Matthews is to be complimented for its actions in making as much use of renewable energy initiatives as possible. It will no doubt save money on its energy bills but will also help to reduce carbon emissions in the UK and that is something that the country needs to do to ensure that its targets in this respect are met by 2020.

Of course, there are many companies in the UK that are supporters of installing solar panels whether that is roof or ground mounted. We have previously reported on some including the likes of Sainsbury’s that has installed solar panels on many of its commercial premises. There are also numerous smaller businesses here in the UK that are benefitting from solar power.

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