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Solar Parks Are On The Increase

You probably cannot fail to have heard about the renewable energy targets that we need to achieve by 2020 here in the UK? Furthermore, the construction of solar parks could have quite some bearing as to whether we meet those targets.

How would you feel about a solar park of this size being built in your community?

Therefore, is it right that solar farms should come in for so much attention by parties that have a vested interest in keeping them at bay? Of course it is. After all, we live in a democratic society where everyone is entitled to make peaceful representation putting across his or her opinions.

On the one side, you have developers keen to cash in on solar photovoltaic panel installations in large numbers spurred on by their concern that the National Grid system only has room for a certain capacity level as far as renewable energy is concerned and on the other side you have environmental campaigners that are concerned at the size of some of the installations seen in the last twelve months.

We also have the government insisting that the views of local communities are taken into account by planners faced with applications for solar parks that cover vast areas yet they are also committed to doing whatever they can to achieve the renewable energy and carbon emission targets. In fact, a significant increase in the installation of solar panel systems will be required in order to meet the 2020 targets.

Surely it is understandable that some farmers would wish to maximise the commercial potential of having a vast solar array installed on their farmland? Apparently, in Dorset, plans for 14 large solar parks have been submitted with 9 of them being on farms. If approved, these could provide farmers with the opportunity to generate a significant alternative source of income – in some cases, as much as £40,000 per annum for a 40 acre piece of land. That is no small sum of money.

Certain ground mounted solar panel systems that have been installed still permit the likes of sheep to continue to graze both around and under the solar panels.

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