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Solar Paper – An Innovative Way To Charge Your Mobile Phone

A company by the name of YOLK has produced a product called “Solar Paper” that can be used to charge the likes of a mobile phone when you are on the move should your normal phone battery be low on power. It is paper-thin and comes in a variety of power outputs.

Around a $1 million was raised on Kickstarter that is a funding platform to help produce Solar Paper back in 2015.

Solar Paper is manufactured in 2.5W solar sub panels that can be connected together to provide increased charging capacity. You may be interested to read that the panels are a mere 1.5mm in thickness and are very light weighing just 60g. The panel is 17cm in length and 9cm wide making it easy to carry about.

In sunny conditions the 2.5W version is capable of charging an iPhone 6 in around 5 hours. The 5W version can charge an iPhone 6 in about 2.5 hours in the sun and about 5 hours when it is partly sunny/cloudy. The 7.5W capacity Solar Paper can charge an iPhone 6 in 2.5 hours in the sun but can charge the same phone in 5 hours even when it is cloudy. The 10W capacity version is capable of charging an iPad air 2 in 4.5 hours of sunshine and it takes around 9 hours to charge the same tablet when it is partly sunny/cloudy.

The Solar Paper can be attached to things like backpacks making it useful for people who are out on long walks or hill climbing meaning that, potentially, he or she is less likely to find that their mobile phone has run out of charge.

We are sure that you will agree it is great to see such products being invented that should help the solar power industry maintain its awareness in what is undoubtedly a competitive marketplace. We will continue to keep our readers up to date with any other interesting solar products.

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