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Solar Panels Would Be Central To A New Nature Park

Solar panel farms are proving popular as the UK strives to meet its renewable energy and carbon emission targets. We have kept you up to date with numerous solar farm projects in recent months and will continue to do so.

Solar panel farms are being constructed throughout the UK
(image credit: Living Off Grid)

The latest one that we have heard about, assuming that planning approval is obtained, would be located on the site of a chicken farm that may be going to be converted into a nature park covering 239 acres in Lincolnshire.

Of particular interest with this proposed development is the intention to include such things as picnic areas, a visitor centre and an education area. In addition, developers would like to plant numerous varieties of plants that are native to the UK plus some nature trails and trees. All these things would be used to surround numerous rows of solar panels.
Kinetica Energy, that is situated in Manchester, is behind the development that would be located at Boiling Wells Farm, off Grantham Road, not far from South Rauceby, Sleaford in Lincolnshire.

According to Guy Bebbington, who is the Projects Director, the land that is presently being utilised as a chicken farm, would be developed to create an educational and recreational facility that will prove beneficial to the locals plus it would site sufficient solar panels within it to provide electricity for 6,000 houses of average size. This is about the same number of houses that are in Sleaford.

Apparently, plans have been submitted to North Kesteven District Council seeking guidance as to whether it will be necessary to have an environmental impact assessment carried out prior to the submission of a planning application.

Kinetica Energy is in the process of arranging various consultation meetings with residents, schools, community groups and local councils to discuss what they would like to do at the site.

Updates will continue to be provided.

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