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Solar Panels Subsidy Cut Stopped

Following the halving of Government subsidies for having solar panels installed some months ago, we were due to see another reduction in the subsidy in July of this year. However, following a huge uproar this cut has been cancelled it was announced yesterday.

This move by Government ministers followed warnings and concerns being expressed that the forecast reductions would threaten the UK’s ability to achieve targets in relation to renewable energy production.

This month, a national newspaper had disclosed that a number of the solar energy industry’s senior officials had warned the industry was facing a crisis that would put at risk many thousands of jobs due to the planned reduction in subsidies in July. They had written to the Prime Minister, David Cameron, informing him that there had been a collapse in demand for solar panels in the past twelve months.

The planned reduction in subsidies in July has been put on hold at the eleventh hour by the Climate Change Minister, Greg Barker.

Mr Barker commented on the social networking site Twitter “Having listened carefully to industry, we are looking at scope for pushing back a little the next proposed reduction in the solar tariffs.”

This surprise step was supported and welcomed by The Cut Don’t Kill campaign that is fully supported by 400 solar industry officials from around the country.

Howard Johns, who is the campaign’s spokesperson stated: “This freeze needs to be genuine and not cosmetic. Any further cuts to solar tariffs should not take place until at least October.

“After the policy shambles of the past six months, the solar industry needs adequate time to get back on its feet.”

Here at Solar Panels UK we welcome the Government’s last minute decision and await further developments and will, of course, continue to keep you fully informed once further information becomes available to us.

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