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Solar Panels Prove Popular In Australia

You may be interested to read that there are a lot of residential properties in Australia that have had solar panel systems fitted according to research carried out by Roy Morgan Research. The market research company claims to be the longest established business of its kind in Australia and has offices in other parts of the world including the UK and the USA.

Australia has a high percentage of homes with solar panels

In the 12 months to March 2017, their research found that 23.2% of residential properties in the country had solar panels fitted. That would appear to be a high percentage and the country is to be commended for its keenness to support solar power thus no doubt helping reduce the country’s carbon emissions and increase its use of renewable energy.

The above research company has also provided a breakdown of the take up of solar panels for residential properties on a state-by-state basis. The state with the largest percentage take up of having solar panels fitted is South Australia with 32.8%. In second place is Queensland with a take up of 30.2%. In third place is Western Australia with 26.6%. Victoria has 21% of households that have had solar panels fitted. The Northern Territory has 18.2% of households having solar panels fitted at their properties. New South Wales has 17.7% of homes fitted with solar panels and Tasmania has 17.3% having had such panels installed.

It will be interesting to monitor Australia’s future installation of solar panels to see if the percentage of households having them installed continues to grow. Here in the UK there has been a slow-down in the number of solar panel systems being installed in the last couple of years or so for one or more reasons.

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