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Solar Panels Installed For Retirement Homes

Solar panels have recently been installed at a development of retirement homes in south Somerset that will prove financially beneficial to residents. The properties are one of Hanover’s schemes and are located at Castle Cary that is a small market town some 8 miles south of Shepton Mallet in Somerset.

The organizer of Glastonbury Festival recently switched on some new solar panels providing power to a number of retirement homes
(image credit: MojoBaron)

There are 16 solar panels that will go some way to reducing the electricity bills of occupants of the properties. The project cost about £6,000 but was funded by monies that were provided by Hanover. The funds were made available to residents who were able to choose to spend it on a project that they felt would be of use to them.

Apparently, this was the first time that Hanover had entered into such a scheme that involved the installation of solar panels. In view of this, it was felt that the solar panel installation should be marked in a special way.

It was decided to invite Michael Eavis to conduct the opening ceremony. It is rather timely to be writing this as in the last few days the Glastonbury Festival has taken place and Mr Eavis is of course the organiser of this long standing event. In fact his dairy farm has been hosting the music festival since 1970. Furthermore, his farm benefits from a solar array so he would appear to be supportive of green initiatives.

The residents at the retirement homes chose to have solar panels installed on their roofs as it would not only help reduce the country’s carbon emissions but they would result in a saving of anything up to £60 off each resident’s electricity bill which, in the current financial climate, is to be welcomed. It is also expected that the residents would be having energy efficient light bulbs put into their properties that should result in further savings.

We will continue to keep you informed about interesting solar panel schemes.

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