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Solar Panels Help Party The Night Away

A disc jockey tends to take an awful lot of equipment with him or her to a gig such as turntables, lighting and loudspeakers. These things need electricity to power them otherwise it would not be possible to provide such entertainment.

Well, a business by the name of Solar Sound System has, for quite some time, been providing entertainment systems where the electricity is generated by both the sun and people pedaling bicycles. This no doubt means that dances could take place in remote country locations such as in the middle of a forest or field without the need to bring in generators as well as in towns and cities.

The system was produced back in 1999 in Switzerland with other locations coming on line in Tel Aviv, Paris, Marseille, Berlin and the Basque country over the years. You may be interested to know that London is on the list of future venues.

Each system has solar panels as well as two bicycles with the later being manned by partygoers who pedal for a period of time before someone else takes over the strain no doubt enabling all to enjoy the evening’s entertainment.

We have reported about numerous other interesting uses of solar panels over the years such as being attached to ruck sacks enabling walkers and climbers to charge up their mobile phones and no doubt, as time goes by, there will be many more unique inventions for the use of these panels. It would certainly appear that solar power is here to stay with the main use being to help provide electricity for homes and commercial premises in numerous countries worldwide.

Anything that can be done to reduce the carbon emissions both here in the UK and in other countries around the world has got to be welcomed. We have witnessed a big rise in the amount of energy being produced by renewable means when compared with the more traditional methods in the last few years and let us hope that this is something we continue to see happen.

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