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Solar Panels for MoneySupermarket

How about this for a saving!

MoneySupermarket, the price comparison website, are having solar panels installed at its office in Flintshire and are not having to pay anything for them following the signing of an agreement with iGen Energy.

IGen Energy have agreed to install and have paid for the 208 solar panels at a cost of £90,000 under a solar power purchase agreement (PPA) with MoneySupermarket whereby iGen Energy will receive any feed-in- tariff generated and the price comparison site will save on electricity bills at their office.

These solar panels are forecast to produce about 41,183 kWh per annum to provide electricity for the business and reduce carbon emissions by over 21,000kg per annum.

The Human Resources Director at the price comparison site, Alan Cairns commented that he hoped this energy saving, environmentally friendly scheme would both boost the company’s employees awareness with regard to the environment and also the businesses green reputation.

He stated: “We wanted to show our environmental credentials in a way that not only underlines our commitment to reducing the amount of CO2 we produce as a business, but we also wanted to have a visual reminder in place so our staff and visitors see our green activity in action.”

“Installing solar panels on our roof has certainly done this. Combined with other ‘green’ activities, this will help us save a significant amount of CO2 in 2012 and in years to come.”

All credit to the price comparison site for reaching this agreement which is obviously going to be beneficial from a financial perspective for both companies and of course to the planet with the anticipated savings in CO2 emissions.

It will be interesting to see how many other homes and businesses follow MoneySupermarket’s move to “get greener” and have solar panels installed once they become aware of what this successful business has done.

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