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Solar Panels Floating On Water

The majority of solar panel installations take place on either roofs of houses or commercial buildings or they are also ground mounted. The later tend to be less conspicuous for obvious reasons.

Will we see more solar panels being installed on the surface of reservoirs?

In fact, there cannot be many of you reading this news article that have not seen solar panels atop the home of someone in the street that you live in – so popular have they become. Not only are they capable of reducing your energy bills but they also help reduce carbon emissions and that is good for the environment.

Well, whilst not believed to be a first in the world, we have heard of a solar panel development that is possibly the first of its kind in the UK. Apparently, a soft fruit farm in Berkshire has had solar panels installed on a reservoir of water.

There are 800 solar photovoltaic panels. They have been placed on plastic floats on the reservoir. The water from the reservoir is used to irrigate the fruit trees.

The fruit farm already use solar panels that were previously installed to provide power for various other things on the farm. Apparently, the cost of installing this latest set of solar panels cost £250,000.

This sounds like it was a very interesting project. It makes you think what an opportunity it could present on other reservoirs and lakes located around the UK. After all, many of them are never likely to have their surfaces used for anything and it seems such a waste of valuable space.

Presumably, the solar panel scheme on the reservoir mentioned above is cost effective so are we likely to see it happening more frequently? As always, we will let you know should we hear of this or any other interesting solar panel projects taking place in the future.

In the meantime, feel free to leave your comments about the above.

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