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Solar panels fitted for low-income families

There are many families in the United Kingdom who are struggling financially and, therefore, certainly could not afford the initial outlay of several thousand pounds that would be required to have solar panels fitted to their homes. So, any scheme that can help provide solar panelling to as many people as possible is to be welcomed and should receive the full support of everyone.

Solar panels
(image credit: ell brown)

Well a number of low income families that are located in the Melton borough have and are to benefit as a result of the affordable warmth scheme with Melton Council.  The council were successful in their bid to obtain funding from the Government amounting to a welcome £387,000 that is no small sum.

These funds are being used to provide a number of energy efficient benefits to assist those families who meet the necessary criteria resulting in an improved quality of life for them and a reduction in their energy bills. In the current economic climate this is no doubt much appreciated by those fortunate recipients. Solar panels have already been fitted to a number of properties.

In total, it is expected that solar panels will be fitted to the roofs of thirty-eight homes whose occupants are on low incomes. Obviously, there are many pensioners in the United Kingdom who are on low incomes and it tends to be the older generation who suffer the cold more than the younger population. Hopefully the above will help such people, enabling them not to have to worry about their heating bill if they turn up the thermostat and thus keeping warm.

Some of the funds are also to be used to provide an emergency supply of LPG and oil to householders that are struggling. Melton Council are to be commended for their part in this scheme.

We shall continue to keep you informed of any similar projects

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