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Solar Panels – Do They Appeal To You?

When it comes to making your home more energy efficient there are a number of ways of doing this. You may decide to have double-glazing fitted, loft or cavity wall insulation put in or solar panels fitted to your roof.

Solar panels are a popular home improvement installation choice in the UK

Interestingly, a survey carried out on behalf of Ocean Finance has revealed that as many as 20% of owners of properties would like to have solar panels fitted at their homes. This is pleasing to read. In addition, the survey found that 4% of homeowners were intending to have solar photovoltaic panels installed. Furthermore, over 5% have already had solar panels fitted.

Another interesting statistic revealed that London was the most popular place to have solar panels fitted with 15% of homeowners in the capital doing so. On a percentage basis, this is almost twice as many as the second placed region of East Anglia on 8%.

Disappointingly, around 50% of those taking part in the survey indicated that they were not interested in fitting solar panels with the main reason being the cost of doing so. Therefore, it would appear that the solar panel industry needs to do more to encourage the take-up of this energy saving scheme especially if the UK is to achieve its renewable energy and carbon emission targets by 2020. In this respect, it is interesting to hear that the Green Deal scheme has recently been closed to new applications as it has very quickly been fully funded.

There seems to be a large focus on the installation of solar panels on commercial properties in recent months which is understandable but we should not loose sight of the importance homeowners can have on this energy source.

If having solar panels fitted appeals to you then you should contact two or three companies to obtain competitive quotes and have an assessment carried out of their financial viability.

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