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Do you remember all those years ago when double-glazing was invented? Then, some years later, you could pop into a national DIY superstore chain on a weekend and buy secondary double-glazing units that you could install yourself in your home at a much reduced price? Well, is this something that could happen with solar panels here in the UK because it is taking place in the USA?


A company in the USA by the name of Mouli Engineering has developed what they have called the SolarPod and apparently it is no less difficult to put together than flat-pack furniture.

The SolarPod basic kit consists of four solar panels and various parts including a plug-and-play wiring harness, inverters and a mounting rack. It costs less than $4,000. At very least, these panels are able to produce enough electricity for a fridge, radio, three alarm clocks, two light bulbs and TV. Being modular in design, units can be bought and plugged together to generate more power. It would require 4 to 8 of these kits to provide enough energy to power one home but there would appear to be a market for this product as, since the company was set up in early 2011, it has been involved in almost 100 installations.

The product can be installed either on a flat roof or on the ground although it requires an electrician to install a special socket for electricity to be transmitted into the premises at which the SolarPod is being fitted as well as carry out the wiring that connects to a circuit breaker box.

Potentially, it is even possible for surplus power to be sold to the grid network.
We would welcome your thoughts on the above and whether you feel it is something that may take hold in the UK in the future. For instance, could you envisage such a product being used to provide power to a home-worker’s office located in a timber frame building at the bottom of their garden?

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