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Roof Or Ground Mounted Solar Panels?

Where do you think the most popular place to install solar panels is? The answer is, of course, on the roof of a building. However, that is not the only place as it may be possible to install a solar panel system at ground level.

Should you install roof mounted solar panels or ground mounted ones?

So, what are the main reasons why you would choose one or the other? There are several, so let’s have a look at some of them: –

Main reasons for selecting solar panels on the roof

• The solar panels are not in any shade created by overhead trees or other buildings.
• There is insufficient space available at ground level.
• The roof pitch and the way it is facing are perfect to capture as much of the sunlight as possible thus maximising their efficiency.
• Your roof tends to be unused space so why not maximise its use as opposed to taking up what may be valuable land space that could be used for some other purpose had you installed ground mounted solar panels.
• Solar panels located on the roof are often easier and cheaper to install than ground mounted ones.

Main reasons for selecting ground mounted solar panels

• You may not like the look of solar panels on your roof as they are highly visible whereas ground mounted ones can often be “hidden away” from the public eye.
• Ground mounted solar panels can be installed in a position and pitch to maximise capturing the sun’s rays easier than roof mounted ones.
• They are much easier to clean which will help maintain their efficiency.
• Solar panels perform more efficiently when they are cooler so ground mounted ones allow greater circulation of air.
• The design of the roof may not be suitable to permit the installation of sufficient solar panels whereas you may have a large enough area of land to accommodate them.

Hopefully the above has given some of you that are undecided where to locate the solar panels some food for thought.

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