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Revised Solar Tariffs Likely To Be Imposed On China By The USA

As many of you are no doubt aware China is the largest manufacturer of solar panels in the world but in the past, has been heavily criticised for some of its trading tactics by many countries including European Union countries and the USA. As a result tariffs were imposed by the USA.

Chinese manufacturers of solar panels may be faced with increases in tariffs by the USA

The USA are obviously still uneasy with the Chinese solar panel manufacturing industry because we hear that they are considering revising upwards tariffs that are currently in force. They are also hoping to have these tariffs cover solar panels as well as solar cells.

The Department of Commerce are keen to increase tariffs to anything between 18.56% and 35.21% and hope to put in place these tariffs in the next few months. The US International Trade Commission (ITC) is expected to review these tariffs before they can be finalised.

It is still the view of many solar panel manufacturers in the USA that their opposite numbers in China are being heavily subsidised by the Chinese Government giving them a significant advantage over companies in the USA. They are believed to be able to provide solar panels in the USA at a much cheaper price than those native manufacturers which is hurting American companies.

However, if tariffs were increased, this could see jobs within the solar panel industry being lost in the USA and bring into question the demand for the product. For those who are supporters of the drive towards removing carbon emissions from the atmosphere this would be concerning as fewer people may purchase solar panel installations in the USA that they have been able to buy from Chinese manufacturers at a lower price than those made by USA manufacturers.

We will keep you advised of any further developments in respect of the above but would very much welcome the views of our readers here in the UK.

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